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Why the name “Black Swan”?

-We borrowed the name from the 2007  bestselling book by Nassim Taleb, The Black Swan (The Impact of the Highly Improbable). We liked the book and Mr. Taleb's insights. You can view an interview with Nassim Taleb on the Charlie Rose Show here. Please feel free to comment on the book on our blog....

Is my investment safe?
-Your investment is secured in several ways, these are the same assurances the bank gets when it makes a loan.

  • First mortgage on the property in your name.
  • Professional report of recent sales of comparable properties in the neighborhood with an analysis of value of the property.
  • Mortgage is no more than 65% loan to appraised value (i.e. value of $100k, your investment no more than $65k)
  • Promissory Note from the owners making them personally liable for your investment and interest.
  • Hazard insurance on the property with you, the lender named as insured party.
  • Lender's Title Insurance Policy guaranteeing the there are no title defects and your rights are protected.

How can Black Swan afford to pay such a high rate?
-In our business we have found that availability of funds is much more important than the rate we pay, for example:

  • It is not uncommon for a motivated seller to be willing to accept our offer of a purchase price tens of thousands of dollars less than another buyer because we can close in 5 days for cash verses the other buyer who needs 45-60 days to arrange financing.
  • We often purchase properties that due to their condition, cannot qualify for typical financing but can be purchased at a tremendous discount for cash.

Why haven't I heard of this way of investing before?
-Private lending has been used for many decades by sophisticated investors to achieve high returns on their investments. Instead of the bank paying you 1-2% interest on your CD and then lending out that money at higher rate, our system takes out the middleman, you are the bank!

Why should I be comfortable with investing with Black Swan Investment Partners?
-Transparency. When you invest with us no matter where you live you can easily see everything online.

  • Your funds go directly to the Title Company/Attorney's escrow account and are not dispersed until all conditions of our agreement with you have been met.
  • You will be able to see that your mortgage has been recorded and filed online in the County records.
  • You will have copies of hazard insurance and title insurance policies with you named as insured party.

I am not happy with the return on my IRA money, can I use these funds to invest?
-Yes, by using a third party administrator, you can use your IRA money. It is just as easy as investing in a mutual fund and can be accomplished in just a few days.

How can I find out more?
-Attend our upcoming luncheon, or call us today to arrange a one on one meeting where we can explain everything in detail, either way there is no commitment, cost, or obligation. We will show you how we work and give you examples of properties we have already purchased, if it works for you, great, if not you may have friends or associates who would be interested.


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